Closing of visa sections of German Embassy Islamabad and of German Consulate General Karachi as of 19th March

18.03.2020 - Article

Taking into consideration the decision of EU Heads of States and Governments on 17th of March 2020 agreed to implement 30-day travel restrictions for non-EU nationals travelling from outside the EU, the Visa Sections and Consulates of the German Embassy Islamabad and of the German Consulate General Karachi will be closed with effect from Thursday, March 19th to initially April 19th.

Emergencies will be processed. In these cases please contact: visainfo@isla.auswaertiges-amt.de

If you have received an appointment confirmation under the rules hitherto applied, the Embassy will provide an alternate day as soon as visa operations will return to normal.

For German passport emergencies please contact: konsularreferat@isla.auswaertiges-amt.de

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