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Micro-Project Application Form

Micro-Project Application Form, © German Embassy Islamabad

31.07.2018 - Article

Germany´s “Micro-Project-Scheme” has been set up in 1980 to support the underprivileged groups of society to improve their social and economic situation through “self-help”-projects. For example, local committees, associations, welfare societies, schools and kindergartens have been supported through this mechanism in the past.

The support consists of a financial donation that has generally a limit of about

EURO 25.000.-- per project

and should be dedicated to a well-defined project. (It can also be part of a large-scale project).

Procedure for 2020:

Please send the application form for 2020 by post (filled out in English or German only) by 31 October 2019 to the German Embassy or Consulate in which you

- describe your organisation (members, financial background, etc.),
- give reference to projects already initiated by your organization (experience),
- explain the project you seek financial support for (target group, etc.),
- provide a detailed financial estimate of the project
  (project´s self contribution, donor´s contribution; membership dues) as well as
- its time frame and location.

Project applications for Sindh and Balochistan shall be submitted to the German Consulate General Karachi (Address: 92-A/7, Block 5, Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan).

Please keep in mind that the following costs cannot be funded: salaries of your organisation's workers; administration and travel expenses; operational and recurring costs in general; acquisition of land or allocation of loans.

Examples of project areas are

- purchasing machinery, equipment, tools;

- generating income, basic education and health;

- improving the living conditions through fresh water, small power generating projects or ameliorating the infrastructure.

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