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Micro-Project Application Form

Micro-Project Application Form, © German Embassy Islamabad

23.12.2021 - Article

Micro-Project-Scheme“ of the German missions in Pakistan, the German Embassy in Islamabad and the Consulate General in Karachi aims to improve the social and economic development of underprivileged groups of society through assisted ”self-help“ and vocational training projects or installations for free access and benefit of target groups.

The scheme is solely for organizations based in Pakistan.
Companies, individuals and informal groups such as school or research groups, may not apply.

What can be funded:

A project that falls in the range of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) generally qualifies for participation.

Due to limited funds we will manage to fund 3-5 projects and specify the goals as follows:
For 2022 the focus of the German missions in Pakistan was on rural projects, clean water and measures in favor of environmental protection, the responsible consumption of resources and products.
Innovative ideas for sustainable projects are preferred. We will not consider common proposals such as tree planting drives, solar rooftop installations, water filtration plants, general public awareness campaigns.

These were the general conditions:

  • Your organization cannot partially or fully fund a project on its own and needs financial assistance which does not exceed the equivalent of 25.000,- euros (about 4.700.000,- PKR as of 1 September 2021)
  • Your organization has previous experience in project financing and administration
  • The suggested project has not begun yet and the overall financing is guaranteed
  • It can have a running time of up 12 months (January to December) and must be completed until 31 December.
  • The funding is required for a one-time engagement.
  • The impact of the project should be sustainable. If applicable, any follow-up costs must be covered by your organization or a third Party.
  • Your own or third party contribution of at least 10 % of the requested amount is expected. Non-monetary assets cannot be recognized as they do not allow a cash flow.
  • If required, any necessary clearance and permission of local authorities must be obtained before the start of the project.
  • Necessary technical equipment and goods are preferably bought in Pakistan and maintenance is ensured

What cannot be funded:

  • German language courses, cultural heritage sites protection, projects within the realms of rule of law, human rights, strengthening democracy or humanitarian aid projects since these are other German programs for those
  • Acquisition of property, loans, legal cases, the purchase of special vehicles (unless follow-up costs and maintenance can be guaranteed by your organization beyond the project’s time span)
  • Recurring costs for your office (electricity, gas, water, fuel)
  • Salaries for your own staff unless they are fully covered by your contribution to the project
  • Consumption goods (medicine, fabric, paint etc.) unless needed for start-up financing can only be funded for max 6 months)
  • Grants, donations to beneficiairies of the Project when given at the sole discretion of the applicant organization

By mid January 2022 all concept notes received before the deadline will be reviewed. The most interesting proposals will be pre-selected and the organizers of these pre-selected projects will be contacted and invited to formally apply for funding with a detailed financing plan. For procurements 3 quotes are required. 

The valuation of the proper application may take a few weeks.

After signing a contract the project partner the funds will be paid out by request in tranches.
The project partner will during the running time of the project have to update the embassy or consulate on the development of the project in writing and on a regular basis.
The project will be monitored  and – the Covid19 circumstances allowing - be visited by the Embassy / Consulate General at least once. Finally the partner will have to submit a final report on the output and outcome of the project as well as a proof of employment of funds on the basis of the initial financing plan.  For this purpose original bills and receipts need to be retained.
The project partner is to use the German Cooperation Logo in any publication including banners, posters. Permission is to be granted for the use of information on the project on the Embassy’s / Consulate General’s social media channels.

Concept note cover sheet

Please add a cover sheet to your concept note for 2022.  Page two is only a summary of what to enclose.  

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