You intend to apply for a new passport for your child

31.05.2021 - Article

Please read about the necessary documents.

Please read carefully before applying:

In Pakistan, the Consulate General in Karachi accepts passport applications for the inhabitants of the Sindh and Balochistan provinces. The Embassy in Islamabad is in charge for all other provinces and areas in Pakistan. As a matter of principle, passports need to be applied for in person and in writing. (According to German law you are required to personally come to the Embassy Islamabad/ Consulate General Karachi for each step of the application process)

Application by appointment only!

At the Embassy Islamabad, you need to make your appointments online.

At the Consulate General Karachi, please call (0092 21) - 3587 3782 or (0092 21) - 3582 1596.

Steps of Passport/ ID card procedure under German Law

(according to your situation)

Standard Processing Time;

Fees (PKR in cash only)

Submitting your Application and Document verification:

If you apply for a German passport/ ID card for the first time, your Pakistani certificates and other documents will need to be verified.

passport fee

(see passport fee chart below)

at least 4 months

50,000 PKR (with Afghan certificates: 90,000 PKR)

Your name under German law:

You need to make a name declaration that will be confirmed by a German union council (“Standesamt”) if you apply for a German passport/ ID card:

  1. for the first time
  2. for the first German child only
  3. if your name has changed (e. g. after marriage or divorce)

(In the last case your Pakistani marriage or divorce certificate will need to be verified before the name declaration, see above: “Document verficiation”, at least 4 months, 50,000 PKR and 90,000 for Afghan)

at least 2 months

approx. 10,000 - 15,000 PKR


From age 6 on you need to give your fingerprints.

printing of passport needs 4-5 weeks from day of biometrics

Passport/ ID card collection:

You need to collect your passport/ ID card in person.

As long as your child has not reached the age of 12, you have the choice

- to apply for a biometrical passport (for children from the age of 6 with finger prints) or
- to apply for a child's passport.

Please note: Not all countries (e.g. the USA) accept the German child's passport.

In order to apply for such a child's passport, please submit the following documents:


additional information:

Application form for minors


3 passport photos of the child

according to biometrical requirements
(see explanation in the following downloads)



Present passport/ ID card of your child

proof of your child's legal stay in Pakistan

- Residence permit or
- Pakistan Origin Card

Notice of Departure (Abmeldebescheinigung)

Issued by the German registry office at your former / last place of residence

Only if the child was ever registered in Germany. The “Abmeldebescheinigung” is issued by the German registration authority (usually a “Bürgerbüro”) at the child’s last German residence. If the child is still registered in Germany kindly provide the child’s current registration certificate (Meldebescheinigung). In this case we will have to request the responsible German passport authority for its authorization and we will have to charge a non-jurisdiction free amounting up to 37,50 € (in PKR in cash).

Proof of your child's German Nationality

  • Certificate of Naturalisation of Applicant
  • Certificate of Naturalisation of the parents, if applicant's certificate of naturalisation is not available.
  • Citizenship card (Staatsangehörigkeitsausweis)

Proof of your child's birth

birth certificate

(if issued in Urdu/Dari, please provide a translation into English or German)

Further documents can be requested by the Embassy, especially if there are doubts about the identity of the child.

Marriage certificate of the child's parents

if issued in Urdu/Dari, please provide a translation into English or German.

Divorce certificate of previous marriages of the child's parents

- if applicable

Passports of the child's parents

please provide originals and copies (see information at the right column)

Birth certificates of the child's parents

please provide originals and copies (see information at the right column)

Declaration of consent

In case one of the parents can not be present while applying for the child's passport, a “declaration of consent” of this absent parent is required. His/her declaration needs to be certified by a German authority and must be presented Original.

When ever you find the term “original(s)” on this page, the actual originals as well as copies which are certified by German authorities can be accepted. Kindly also provide two simple copies each.

All copies of your application have to be:

- in Din A4 size
- complete
- readable
- not (!) stapled

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