Visa: language course


Documents to be submitted for a language course visa

Required documents:

Additional instructions:

Please note that all copies of your documents have to be
- In DIN A4 size
- Complete and readable
- Not stapled

Please provide two sets of A4 size photocopies.

You have to arrange each set of documents according to the order in which they are mentioned below.

1. Application form

- signed by the applicant
- completely filled out by typewriter/computer

2. Biometric picture

- not older than three months and white background
- no computer print-outs accepted
- stapled to the application form at the intended spot

3. Registration for an intensive German language course

And if you intend to study in Germany after your language course

Conditional admission letter from a German university stating that the participation in a German language course is mandatory in order to prepare for the studies

- issued by a language school in Germany
- minimum of 18 hours of lessons per week

4. Proof of language courses done in Pakistan (if applicable)

5. Proof of sufficient financial means by way of one of the Options
Proof of blocked account or scholarship award or official obligation from immigration office in Germany (for details see Blocked Accounts)

6. Your curriculum vitae

7. Letter of motivation (only for Conculate General Karachi)

8. Documentation of your school, college and academic degree and employment history - if any

- B.A., BSC, B.COM, BBA, BCS, M.A., MSc. etc.-
- Starting with your highest academic degree going back to your school degrees

- The academic degrees and transcripts need to be attested by HEC (Higher Education Commission) if done in Pakistan
- employment letter from all former and current employers

9. Income proof and bank statements of last 6 months of yourself or of your sponsor in Pakistan (only for Embassy Islamabad)
If you provide income proof and bank statements from your sponsor, please attach a letter from your sponsor that he is ready to cover your expenses during your studies. If the sponsor is your mother/father, please also provide a copy of their ID card. If the sponsor is a sibling, please also provide their ID card and your FRC to prove your relation to the sponsor.

10. Passport copies page 1 and 2

Of all your passports starting with the most recent one you want to travel on. If you lost a passport, please provide police certificate regarding the loss instead

11. Valid health insurance

-Needs to be signed

You will have to take out health insurance in Germany. However, for the time period until you are settled in Germany, you have to submit a preliminary health insurance with your application.

6 months valid health insurance for a language course visa:

Please note that Category “D” national visas for work are normally issued with a validity of 3 months from the date of travel onwards to enable the passport holder to enter Germany and register at the relevant authorities (Ausländerbehörde). For the convenience of the passport holder it is now possible to issue such a visa with the validity of 6 months, if a matching travel health insurance is provided.

Please provide the Visa Section with a travel health insurance valid for at least 6 months from your intended date of travel onwards so that a visa with a validity of 6 months may be issued, if possible.

For the possibilities to take out health insurance please see the following link:

Health insurances

12. Information about any previous visa refusals

If you have been refused a visa by an Embassy or High Commission, written explanation about reason for application and refusal letter are required.

13. Applicants_Declaration

14. Information provided to applicants pursuant to Section 54 (2) 8 in conjunction with Section 53 of the Residence Act)

15. Appointment confirmation e-mail (only for Embassy Islamabad)

- including the provided booking code (e.g. “isla_9729717”)

You also have to provide all original documents (including all of your passports). They will be returned to on the same day (except the passport you intend to travel on which stays with the Embassy during the processing time of your visa application).

You can find a print-out version of this page under the following link: Language course visa - leaflet

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