Visa for medical treatment


Going to Germany for medical treatment which is not available in Pakistan ?

In order to speed up the procedure at the visa counter, you are kindly requested to present the documents exactly in the same order as indicated below.

Required Documents:

Additional instructions:

- one application form

- signed by the applicant
- completely filled out by typewriter or online 


- two passport photos

- not older than six months

- no computer print-outs accepted


- valid passport

- Passport needs to be valid for three months after the expiry of the applied visa
- please submit copies of pages 1 - 4 and of previous Schengen visas as well as of US, CAN or UK visas

- former passports

- if any

- completed list of your children


- security questionnaire


- valid health insurance

- please submit the original and one copy
- the original has to be signed
- please make sure that your insurance explicitly covers all Schengen States (not only Germany)

- confirmed flight booking

- documentation of previous treatment in Pakistan

- documentation about your intended treatment

- Certificate by a German medical doctor/ hospital confirming the intended treatment, stating the duration of the required treatment and the estimated costs.

- Confirmation that your intended treatment has been paid for in advance.

- documentation of your financial situation

- e.g. salary slips, extracts of your bank account covering the last six months, etc.

- proof of real estate - if any

For applicants at the Embassy only:

- No appointment is necessary for the patient and – if applicable because of medical reasons – for two attendants. Please arrive at the Visa Section during official office hours, but not after 11.00 a.m.

Please note that a person accompanying a patient has to apply for a tourist or visit visa and submit the relevant documents.

Visa Fees

For applications at the Embassy Islamabad, please note that at the time of application an amount of 500,- PKR is due for returning the passports through a courier service.
While submitting the application, you will be given a pay slip. Please take this slip to the Standard Chartered Bank, Diplomatic Enclave Branch only, and pay the visa fee. The bank will report your payment to the Embassy. A fee of 700,- PKR will be levied by the bank.
If your appointment falls on an official banking holiday, the payment of fees cannot be settled the same day.

For applications at the Consulate General Karachi, please note that the visa fee (equivalent in PKR) has to be paid in CASH at time of submission.

Schengen visa / Short-term visa (cat. “C”)

80€ (in Rupees) NEW
Schengen visa (children aged 6 to 12)

40€ (in Rupees) NEW

Airport transit (cat. “A”)

80€ (in Rupees) NEW

National German visa (e.g. study family reunion, etc. - Long-term visa)
(cat. “D”)

75€ (in Rupees)

Children aged 0-17 for family reunion37,50€ (in Rupees)

Spouses/children of citizens of the EU

exempted from visa fees

Additional content

Here you can download the list of required documents for medical treatment visas.

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