Visa for Medical Treatment


Going to Germany for medical treatment which is not available in Pakistan ?

In order to speed up the procedure at the visa counter, you are kindly requested to present the documents exactly in the same order as indicated below.

Required Documents

1. Please bring your current passport + previous passports

passport needs to be valid for three months after the expiry of the applied visa;

please provide a police report in Urdu with an English translation/in English if a previous passport is lost

2. Visa application form

Download here

3. Two (2) biometrical Passport Photos

Example of passport photos

2 biometrical passport photos, not older than 6 months;

1 photo should be stapled on the application form and 1 photo attached with a paper clip

4. Valid travel health insurance policy

List of Health Insurance Companies

the original has to be signed if applicable; please provide the original and submit one copy;

please make sure that your insurance explicitly covers all Schengen States and not only Germany;

coverage minimum is 30,000 Euro

5. Signed health insurance declaration

Example of Health Insurance Declaration

6. Official document/letter of invitation from the medical institution in Germany

Official document/letter of invitation from the medical institution where the applicant has been accepted for treatment including:

  • written confirmation of appointment by a hospital/medical doctor in Germany being not older Then 3 months;
  • information regarding the estimated duration of the treatment by a hospital/medical doctor in Germany;
  • proof of advance payment or written confirmation by the hospital/medical doctor in Germany that an advance payment is not necessary;
  • certificate from the medical institution covering the costs or, in the absence of this, proof of private means of payment;
  • transfer of funds for the treatment

7. Medical certificate

Certificate must be issued by a registered doctor or a medial institution in Pakistan giving a diagnosis, attaching the medical history of the patient and specifying the treatment required

8. If you or your attendant(s) are not staying at the hospital: proof of accommodation for the whole Duration

Proof of accommodation for the whole duration of the intended stay (e.g. hotel reservation with the full address of the Hotel)

9. Flight reservation of air ticket

return or round trip for max. 90 days from/to Pakistan and the member state(s) of destination

10. NOC (no objection certificate) (if applicable) of employer /university not older Then a month

NOC must be issued by your company/employer/university; stating your designation/position; stating how long you have been working with this company; granting of Ex-Pakistani leave

11. Passport copy of page 1 and 2

12. Copy of all refusals (if any)

13. ID card copy (CNIC) A4 size

14. FRC (Family Registration Certificate issued in English by NADRA),

Marriage Certificate (if applicable),

Birth Certificate for minor applicants

15. Completed list of children
Download here
16. Completed list of relatives living abroad
Download here
17. Security declaration
Download here
18. Appointment email
print out of the appointment e-mail should show the e-mail-address you have registered with for the appointment

19. Copy of all previous visas of the last 5 years (Schengen/US/UK/Australia/Canada)

20. Personal bank statements of the past 6 months

Personal bank statements have to be duly signed and stamped by the bank;

proof of real property (if any)

21. Salary slips of the last 3 months / pension book

22. Property documents (with English translation) if applicable

Please note that a person accompanying a patient has to apply for a tourist or visit visa and submit the relevant documents.

Please note:

  • Visa fee: 80 Euro (payable in PKR), 40 Euros (payable in PKR) for children between 6-12 years of age; no other charges except the visa fee is applicable; the visa fee will NOT be reimbursed if the visa is refused, regardless the reasons for the refusal.

  • Processing time is 15 calendar days minimum
  • Please appear on time and provide all required documents in the above mentioned order to save yourself, the officers at the counters and all of the other applicants time; the Embassy does NOT offer a copy service;
  • Please be informed that incomplete applications are more likely to be rejected! Applications will only be accepted and processed after the submission of all required documents.
  • The application form has to be filled out by typewriter/online (see website) and completely.
  • All applicants have to appear personally.
  • Visa applications can be submitted weeks ahead of travel date but not earlier Then

    6 months before the travelling date. Dates of validity on the visa sticker will be according to the dates as per application, reservations and travel health insurance.

  • Original passports can be withdrawn after submission of application for travels into countries other Then Schengen States during the processing time; please provide relevant proof of the travel (flight booking); please be also aware that the application will be on-hold until the passport will be resubmitted;
  • Visa applications of minors need to be signed by both parents/need to include the written consent of their parents/custodians (in case of guardianship please provide a current court order of custody and letter of consent of the biological parents if applicable); if one parent is deceased please provide a death certificate; if parents are divorced please provide a court order regarding child´s custody; parents/guardians who sign applications of minors need to provide their passport/CNIC copies with data and signature page; letter of school confirming current enrolment and approval of leave

  • Supplementary information or evidence may be requested in each individual case.
  • Adult applicants: passports need to be signed.
  • All photocopies should be A4 size (especially CNIC copies); copies should be readable.
  • The visa application form needs to be signed otherwise it is not a valid application.
  • Please be aware that documents in Urdu without English translation cannot be accepted.
  • Applicants are kindly asked to note that compliance with the aforementioned conditions does not automatically guarantee that a visa will be issued.
  • Even with a valid visa, the competent German border authorities may refuse entry into the territory of Germany. In such cases, the Government of Germany accepts no liability.

Thank you for your understanding!

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Here you can download the list of required documents for medical treatment visas.

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