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Besides helping to promote German-Pakistani relations in Lahore, the Honorary Consul is able to assist you in some legal and consular issues related to Germany, e.g. he can certify photocopies of documents and can also attest certain signatures .

1. Office Hours – Monday through Friday : 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

2. Public dealing hours – Monday through Friday : 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

For any kind of attestation, you need to book an appointment via Tel: 042 – 3571 0593 or 042 – 3575 1990 / Extension 115.

Yes, you can have photocopies of your documents and Deutsche Bank blocked account opening forms attested at Lahore.

Note: Marriage documents are not attested at Lahore. Also translations into German are not attested at Lahore.

The procedure is as follows:

1. Attestation of photocopies of documents.

Original documents along with photocopies (both sides on A-4 Size plus one set for us), are to be presented personally or, in case of absence, through an authorized person holding attested power of attorney from the applicant. Fee Euro 10.- or Euro 15.- ( for certificates in non-Latin characters). The fee is payable in equivalent PKR

Note: The fee for the first set is waived in case the applicant provides proof that the photocopies are needed for studying purposes in Germany (pls. provide exchange of correspondence/e-mail etc. with the German University).

2. Attestation of student blocked account opening forms

See Options for Financing your stay for details.

The fee of Euro 25.- is payable in equivalent PKR.

The student will sign the form in the presence of the Honorary Consul. Thereafter the attested form along with other documents to be submitted by the student, such as Bank Statement, admission acceptance letter and other supporting documents will be sealed by us in the Courier-envelope supplied by you and addressed to Deutsche Bank Hamburg, in the presence of the student. The envelope will be closed and stamped by us and will then be handed over to the student for dispatch to Deutsche Bank, Hamburg, Germany.

Full text of the power of attorney should be sent to us by e-mail (lahore@hk-diplo.de with cc to infohkl2006@gmail.com). It will then be referred by us to our Embassy for their perusal. If no objection is raised, the attestation will be done at Lahore. You will have to sign the power of attorney in the presence of the Honorary Consul. For identification purpose your original valid passport is also required.

Fee is charged according to the Schedule of Fees, for which the value of the transaction must be declared and proven by providing explanatory documents.

No. The Honorary Consul at Lahore does not issue any kind of Visa. Issuance of visa is directly dealt with by the Embassy.

No. Neither the Honorary Consul Lahore nor our Embassy offer any student consultancy services. However, ample information is provided by the Universities themselves and on the Internet. Please see: http://www.study-in-germany.de/ Once admission is granted and requisite formalities completed, prospective students will apply for study visa at our Embassy. For study visa requirements, please visit our Embassy Website www.pakistan.diplo.de

No. These are Web-generated appointments and the applicants have to follow them accordingly. Further-on the Honorary Consul does not deal with visa matters. All such matters are directly dealt with by the Embassy.

No. The Honorary Consul at Lahore cannot handle passport applications. Issuance of German passports is directly dealt with by the Embassy. Please contact the website for more details

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