Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany Lahore

Honorary Consular Lahore

Honorary Consular Lahore, © Arif Saeed


Did you know that some of the services offered by the Embassy and the Consulate General can also be delivered by our Honorary Consul in Lahore ?

The honorary consul won't be available from 14th July to 2nd August. There will be no attestations in Lahore during these dates.

Besides helping to promote German-Pakistani relations in Lahore, our Honorary Consul is able to assist you in some legal and consular issues related to Germany, e.g. he can certify photocopies and signatures for you or assist you in a situation of emergency. He is, however, not authorized to issue visas or passports.Within his competent jurisdiction and scope, the Honorary Consul will endeavour to assist you with your specific concern.

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